2012 ASVCP Education Award


The ASVCP Education Committee is proud to announce that the 2012 ASVCP Educator Award was presented to Dr. Karen Young at the ASVCP Annual Business Meeting in Seattle. Dr. Young has had an incredibly distinguished career in teaching, including education of DVM students and clinical pathology residents, but also including education of all those interested in veterinary clinical pathology through her tireless dedication as editor of the Veterinary Clinical Pathology journal. Directly or indirectly, she has taught all of us, and we are all truly grateful for her efforts. She has received many teaching accolades during her career, but please congratulate her on her latest award.

Excerpt from the Business Meeting Minutes:
Kristen Friedrichs said it will be very difficult to distill all of Karen’s qualifications for this award into a 5 minute summary, and started a PowerPoint presentation that played while Erica Behling-Kelly talked about Karen Young’s achievements.

Erica told a story helps to describe how she, Kristen, and Julie Webb visualize Karen. At their clinical pathology rounds one day they had a conversation about what animal they would choose to be if they could, and they decided it would be more fun if others got to make that decision. When talking about what animal Karen would be, it was impossible for them to come up with a single animal. An owl was suggested because she is very wise, but the predator aspect didn’t really fit; she is nurturing so they thought about some very maternal animals but they were all too fluffy and didn’t have enough confidence; They settled on a squirrel. How often do you see a squirrel sitting around and doing nothing? Never - and that describes Karen, who is busy and working all the time; perhaps the most industrious person she has ever worked with. Their habitats are similar - a squirrel’s nest is full of stuff being stored for the future, and Karen’s office is chock full of stuff that she may use one day

She could be up all night working but still come in with a smile on her face. The worst thing you could get from Karen was what they referred to as the ‘Karen sigh’. She has been an absolute joy to work with. Congratulations to Karen Young!

Kristen asked how many in the room have been mentored by Karen, and a good proportion of attendees raised their hands. Kristen said that Karen was an oncologist and research by training but has been a clinical pathologist by her efforts and experiences over the last 25 years. She is a teacher at heart and soul. Clinical pathology is the most beloved course in their curriculum; students want her to teach all of their courses, or at least teach the teachers how to teach other courses. Karen explores scholarship in teaching and brings that back and shares what she has learned with others, not only for their institution but for this organization. Karen is collaborative and passionate, fair, positive, supportive and respectful. She is the most sought after mentor in the building. Mentoring definition is “a developmental partnership through which one person shares knowledge, skills, information, and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of someone else”. This definition doesn’t cover a perspective of Karen...At the same time she is guiding you along in your professional development she acknowledges the courage and celebrates the energy, uniqueness and courage that you bring to the relationship. Kirstin is grateful for the unwavering support Karen has provided as Kirstin stepped from resident, through instructorship to faculty. She is exceedingly worthy of this award.

Karen thanked everyone and said she is overwhelmed. She said that in her opinion veterinary clinical pathologists really excel at teaching, so it is especially gratifying to receive this award. She thanked all in the room for the contributions they have made to teaching.