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Annual ASVCP Cytology/Hematology Case Review
Submissions Due June 15, 2012



Submissions are requested for the 2012 ASVCP Cytology & Hematology Case Review Session. Materials that may be submitted include hematology, cytology or surgical pathology slides, electron photomicrographs and associated clinical chemistry or hematology data. This is a popular and interactive opportunity to share cases and experiences among attendees. Cases that are based solely or predominantly on clinical chemistry (no slides involved) are more appropriate for submission for the Clinical Chemistry Review Session (see call for cases for the Clinical Chemistry Review Session, below).

Type of Material Requested
Cases should be classic examples or unique or unusual representations of diseases, clinical cases, or research data with a clinical pathologic focus. Cases may represent any species. Stained, cover-slipped glass slides are preferred, but in certain cases, digital images will be considered. Surgical biopsies should be from lesions that would be examined cytologically and ideally the submission should include a cytologic preparation. Analytic problems that are associated with instrumentation, assay conditions, statistical analysis or specimen handling are also welcome; please consider the new ASVCP Clinical Chemistry Review Session for longer and/or more detailed presentations.

Case Submission: Materials Needed
For cytology and blood smear submissions, eighty (80) stained and coverslipped glass slides should be submitted for each case. If more than 80 slides are available, the submitter is encouraged to submit extras, in case any slides are broken during shipment. The submitter must check all glass slides to assure their quality. Please do not attach adhesive labels to the glass slides. If digital images are submitted, send only one image. For surgical biopsy cases, submit one glass slide and if the case is accepted, the submitter will then be asked to supply 80 copies of the stained and coverslipped specimen. For clinical chemistry or hematology cases, laboratory data including reference intervals for your laboratory should be submitted.

Electronic Submission and Printed Materials
Cases MUST be submitted using the online forms posted at the ASVCP website.. Two files will be submitted electronically:

  1. The first file is the Case History to be distributed with data prior to the meeting and should include contributors, signalment, concise history, and clinical findings. Include only pertinent laboratory data. Reference intervals for the laboratory data must be provided. The submitter is encouraged to also provide questions to be answered at the case review session. It is hoped that these questions will inspire participants to review and investigate the data before the meeting.
  2. The second file is the Case Summary, which has information to be distributed at the meeting and should include the information on the first file, plus diagnosis, discussion (including answers to the questions that were provided) with images and references. The overall case summary should be contained in a maximum of 3 pages (excluding pictures, including references). The font of choice should be Arial, size 12.

Digital Images
The submitter MUST also include 2-3 digital images as indicated on the Case Summary form. The images should be 1024 X 768 pixels in a JPEG format with compression set on high quality; images must clearly show cytologic features of the lesion. A figure legend should accompany the images. Inclusion of digital images is required as part of the submission process.

Digital Slides
A limited number of electronic slides/cases (likely up to two) may be considered. Please contact Jeff McCartney if you are interested in submitting in this format.

The goal of this session is to stimulate discussion. Presentation of common laboratory abnormalities that are not related to the case is unnecessary as is a lecture or literature review with each case.

When and Where to Submit

Submit your cases here.

The deadline for receipt of submission of ALL case materials is June 15, 2012. Slides with a cover letter indicating CONTRIBUTER NAME(S), INSTITUTION, SPECIMEN, and E-MAIL ADDRESS must be sent to the address given below and received by this date.

Submitters will be notified of the results of the selection process by September 7, 2012. It is anticipated that approximately 20 cases will be selected for presentation at the case session. Case selection is based on broad species representation, specimen quality, pathologic processes and representation of disease entities that have not been presented at the conference in recent years. Selected cases will be given approximately 7 minutes for presentation during the case session.

Be sure to include your e-mail address with your submission.

For additional information please contact:
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Case submission and material should be sent to:
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