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General Information and Guidelines

Subscribers to this mailing list must belong to the American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology (ASVCP), European Society of Veterinary Clinical Pathology (ESVCP), or Veterinary Laboratory Professionals (VLP) group. Because of the closed subscription policy, only the List Manager can add subscribers. As of January 2007 there were 547 subscribers.

General guidelines for use:

  • Keep message file sizes small; this includes attached images (as small as reasonable to maintain needed detail).
  • When possible, post images to a website and direct people there rather than send images as attachments.
  • Do not let your mailbox get full; all messages to full mailboxes bounce back to the List Manager.
  • Unsubscribe if you leave on vacation, especially if you have an auto-response message (see below).
  • Summarize public and private responses to questions posed so everyone can learn from your question.
  • Please participate and help when you can! Your ideas are important. The purpose of the Listserv is to share information.

If you have any questions, please contact the List Manager, John Hofmann,

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How to Join

Contact the List Manager, John Hofmann,

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How to Send a Message

To send a message to the mailing list, send your message to Please note that if you respond to a list message, it will respond to the sender only. To respond to the whole list, us the "Reply All" button from your email program. This is a change from the past.

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How to Update Your E-mail Address

If your e-mail address changes, please notify the List Manager, John Hofmann, You may still receive messages from the list using your old e-mail address, but you will not be able to send messages until your subscription address matches your new address.

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How to Temporarily Stop Receiving Messages

Send a message to List Manager, John Hofmann, to be temporarily removed from the list. Don't forget to contact John again to have your list participation resumed!

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How to Access Archived Messages

Navigate to

Click on the list to view.

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How to Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from the mailing list, send a blank email message to the address and you will automatically be removed.

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LISTSERV Etiquette

To help keep the list operating smoothly, please read the following 6 tips on general LISTSERV etiquette and consider them when sending messages. These standard recommendations were extracted from several resources on LISTSERV etiquette.

1. Include a meaningful subject line

Please include a clear and descriptive entry on the Subject line in each posting (a good idea for all e-mail). If you reply to a message but change the topic of discussion, please change the Subject line entry. This allows subscribers to follow the thread or delete unread messages when the subject lines announce topics that they are not interested in.

2. Include a short signature

Please sign your full name at the bottom of your posting and include your affiliation(s) and e-mail address. Some members may receive their e-mail messages with the header information stripped away by their local system and therefore cannot know the author of a particular posting. Long signatures are discouraged; they take up valuable net bandwidth and computer space.

3. Provide context

Every posting should begin with a clear introduction to the topic, or offer a reference to the topic or to a previous posting. Most e-mail programs automatically quote the original message in replies, but failing to edit the original message and signature wastes bandwidth and computer storage space for many people, especially as messages grow from sequential replies. Please provide context, but keep quotations short and relevant.

4. Avoid personal mail

Just as it is important to try to share public information with the whole group, private correspondence should remain just that — private.  If your post is relevant only to one member of the list, please contact that person using personal e-mail. Be extremely careful when replying to a list message. This list will send your reply to all subscribers if you simply use a reply command.

5. Write clearly and carefully

Remember that how and what you write may affect how other people regard you, your opinions, and your knowledge. The following may be helpful:

  • Reread what you wrote. Did you really say what you intended to? Do you really want to say this to the world?
  • Keep your messages brief.
  • Insert a blank line between paragraphs.
  • Don't use bold or italic text styles or text colors in mailing list messages; many people won't see them and may even see HTML tags instead.
  • Use of all uppercase letters is considered SHOUTING and will often be regarded as rude.
  • Humor is appreciated, but please remember that humor in an e-mail can be easily misinterpreted.  One way to express emotion is to use emoticons: humorous :-), or sad :-( .

6. Be tolerant

Please be considerate of others and have tolerance for individuality. Through inexperience or limited local software, list members may inadvertently violate LISTSERV etiquette. If you find something posted on the list objectionable, please express your suggestions in a private message to the offender rather than to the whole list.

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