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This is a shared teaching resource sponsored by the ASVCP for the benefit of members seeking materials for self-study or teaching clinical pathology. The concept and design are guided by members and survey data from potential users. The ASVCP is seeking your suggestions for improvement as a step towards the addition of more cases from the membership.

Design of the Case Bank

Content: This pilot Case Bank contains 60 clinical pathology data sets from dogs, cats, horses, and cattle with an emphasis on chemistry and hematology. Each case consists of a student version containing a brief clinical history, physical examination findings, laboratory data, and in some cases, images from hematology, cytology, histopathology, radiographs, or gross lesions. The instructor version is similar, and includes a key for data interpretation and clinical outcome for the patient.

Searching the cases using drop-down menus:

  1. Level of difficulty
    Level 1-relatively simple cases, suitable for illustrating basic concepts for year 1 and 2 veterinary students.
    Level 2- intermediate cases, suitable for veterinary students, non-clinical pathologist veterinarians, and junior level pathology residents.
    Level 3-complex cases with multisystem abnormalities, suitable for students of clinical pathology who are ready for a challenge and for senior level pathology residents.
  2. Species
  3. Major laboratory abnormality
         Electrolytes and acid base
         Lipid and carbohydrate metabolism
  4. Final diagnosis
  5. It is also possible to search for specific words within the cases by typing in keywords

Feedback on cases

Each case can be rated for its teaching value (1 lowest and 5 highest), so that eventually high rated cases can be retained and lower rated cases will be deleted, and replaced by better examples. Each case must be sponsored by an ACVP diplomate, who is required to provide contact information. If there is a typographical error or other significant content errors in the case, please contact the sponsoring author.

For the pilot Case Bank, please contact Leslie Sharkey ( with any concerns about the initial 60 cases. We are planning an on-line comment function to be added to a future version of the Case Bank. 

Suggestions for utilization of the Case Bank

***These cases do not undergo a formal peer review process. User participation in the rating and author feedback systems offer some measure of quality assurance for content.***

The Case Bank is intended to be a teaching resource for utilization within formal teaching curricula or under the supervision of a mentor. While some of the cases have references to the current literature, the documentation is not exhaustive and users are strongly encouraged to consult text references and to perform primary literature searches to augment the information presented in the case key. The keys are meant to be guides to data interpretation; however, there may be alternative approaches to the data interpretations provided by the authors of the cases.  The case summary and outcome section describes the clinical conclusions, treatment plans, and outcomes of the cases; but these should not be considered endorsements of the course of action selected by clinicians.

Cases may be downloaded and modified for teaching purposes as required by the user. As with this copyrighted content and all original material, please credit the case authors the ASVCP when using material from this Case Bank.

We hope this case bank is of value to the membership and the ASVCP looks forward to fostering future growth and improvements in this resource.

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