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ASVCP Student Seminar Stipend


North American veterinary colleges that have an ACVP board-certified clinical pathologist are eligible to receive a student seminar stipend ($150) once every three years in the following rotating order (the starting academic year is indicated in the parentheses): 

Year 1 (2015-16)

Year 2 (2016-17)

Year 3 (2017-18)

Auburn University

Tufts University

University of Pennsylvania

University of California-Davis

Michigan State University

University of Tennessee

Colorado State University

University of Minnesota

Texas A&M University

University of Florida

Mississippi State University

Virginia Tech University

University of Georgia

Oregon State University

Washington State University

University of Illinois

Cornell University

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Purdue University

North Carolina State University

University of Calgary

Iowa State University

The Ohio State University

University of Guelph

Kansas State University

Oklahoma State University

University of Prince Edward Island

Louisiana State University

University of Missouri-Columbia

Universite de Montreal



University of Saskatchewan


This stipend can be used towards food, door prizes, and other supplies deemed suitable by each schools' student pathology club.  Student pathology clubs can apply for this stipend by contacting Dr. Valerie Wong at preferably in the fall semester of the year that they are eligible for this stipend, but no later than June 30th of the following summer.  There is no formal application form to complete, but applicants are encouraged to review the stipend request form that is to be filled out later.  During the seminar(s), please document the event by (1) filling out the stipend request form and (2) taking a photograph(s) of the event.  Please send the completed stipend request form and the photograph(s) to Dr. Wong within two weeks following the event.  Once approved, a $150 stipend will then be issued. 

A fun, interactive Jeopardy-style game is available thanks to Dr. Anne Barger.  Please contact her at if interested. 

Please note that these seminars MUST be led by an ACVP board-certified clinical pathologist. 

Download Student Seminar Stipend Request Form here (PDF)