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Who Can Join ASVCP?

Membership in the ASVCP is open to veterinary clinical pathologists, clinical pathology residents and graduate students, medical technologists (through the affiliated Veterinary Laboratory Professionals group), anatomic pathologists, scientists, veterinary and medical specialists, veterinary practitioners, and veterinary students with an interest in clinical pathology.

What is the cost for each Member Type? 

  • Regular Member - $165
  • Medical or Veterinary Laboratory Technologist - $90
  • Graduate Student/Intern/Resident - $90
  • Veterinary Medical and Undergraduate Student - $25
  • Emerging Nations Member - $25 (Member must be applying from a country with a GNI per capita rate of <$12,236 as set by the World Bank.)
  • ACVP/ASVCP Joint Trainee Affiliate Member - $100

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