ASVCP Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, John Howard (Tim) Lumsden, - December, 2009
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ASVCP Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, John Howard (Tim) Lumsden, - December, 2009


Dr. John H. (Tim) Lumsden was born in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada in 1937. He graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Toronto in 1960. He was a partner in a busy mixed practice until 1969. During this time he and his wife Marilyn had three children. He returned to OVC, now within the University of Guelph, to update diagnostic and prognostic abilities using the newly designed Diploma program in Clinical Pathology (1970). He was encouraged by Drs. Bern McSherry and Ted Valli to pursue an MSc (1971). A travel scholarship in 1972 allowed him to visit several institutions in the UK and Europe including Karolinska in Stockholm and Dr. Soderstrom in Lund, Sweden to investigate clinical applications of fine-needle aspiration cytology. An associate professorship provided the opportunity to prepare for ACVP Diplomate status (Clinical Pathology, 1974). Rapid developments in laboratory instrumentation and methodologies required continuous efforts to validate tests within the laboratory and update reference values. Development of computer software enhanced abilities to monitor quality control, assessment of methodology and application of evolving epidemiological principles with the constant desire to validate tests for clinical applications. He was co-author of over 100 scientific papers and with Dr Rebecca Baker published Fine-needle Cytology in the Dog and Cat. Diagnostic cytology validation in conjunction with histopathology and clinical outcomes, as for most other laboratory tests, remained an elusive goal when he retired in 2002. Reading history, helping Marilyn with gardening, genealogy, along with some traveling and golfing as health allows, keeps him from pursuing continuing interests in diagnostic test validation.

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