2011 ASVCP Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Dr. Victor Edwin Oswald (Ted) Valli
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2011 ASVCP Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Dr. Victor Edwin Oswald (Ted) Valli

Dr. Ted Valli is a "giant on whose shoulders many of us have stood" and this is our opportunity to say thank you. Below are just a few excerpts from the letters of support the ASVCP received for Dr. Valli's nomination.

Dr. Valli has been an extraordinary contributor to our knowledge in veterinary clinical pathology and specifically veterinary hematology for 45 years and is still going strong. Few, if any, of our colleagues have actively contributed so much and with such high quality to the profession for so long. Dr. V. E. O. (Ted) Valli has made the advancement of clinical pathology his "life's work" and has earned the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award.
Dr. Wally Hoffmann

While Dr Valli's contribution to veterinary clinical pathology in the research arena is incredible, his teaching contributions are equally so. For nearly thirty years, Ted taught hematology, cytology and urinalysis to veterinary students. Many veterinarians in Canada learnt their clinical pathology from Dr Valli. Almost more important than the knowledge they gained from Dr. Valli was the infectious enthusiasm and passion for veterinary pathology in particular, and science in general, that he radiated. That passion lit fires in them and spurred them on to be the best veterinarians that they could be.
Dr. William Vernau

Dr. Valli's text – Veterinary Comparative Hematopathology - is beautiful, it is a work of art and science. Ted has advanced the study of veterinary hematopathology forward as no other single person. As Ted noted, his texbook follows the philosophy that basic phenomena are common to diseases of all species; there is only one medicine. It is this taste of the one medicine concept – one hematopathology – that Ted has given us. His text is the definitive reference, it provides us the facts and more importantly makes us want to learn even more – that's when you know your work really has been a great success.
Dr. Joanne B. Messick

Early in his career, he studied the kinetics of hematopoiesis in the calf – this seminal work continues to be studied by students interested in animal hematology…Ted is a prolific writer and has a work ethic that is rarely observed. He has published hundreds of research articles and has contributed to or written some of the most significant texts in recent years in veterinary hematopathology. Most notable has been his amazing leadership and strong influence in the veterinary world for the classification of lymphomas in animal species.
Dr. Robert Jacobs

Dr. Valli was so pleased when he heard I was going to do a residency in clinical pathology that he sent me a note congratulating me on my success and he wrote "I will follow your career with interest." That meant so much to me and I believe he really meant that…As I put my promotion material together I began to really recognize how much Dr. Valli helped me get published, increase my teaching portfolio and become a better pathologist...His dedication and love of pathology were and still are inspiring.
Dr. Anne Barger

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