2015 ASVCP Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients: Drs. Alan Rebar and Bob Hall
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2015 ASVCP Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients: Drs. Alan Rebar and Bob Hall

Dr. Alan H. Rebar received his DVM degree and his PhD from Purdue University and is a diplomate from the American College of Veterinary Pathology. He is the Senior Associate Vice President for Research and Executive Director of Discovery Park at Purdue University. His curriculum vitae and letters of support provide ample evidence of a stellar career, including his tremendous teaching accomplishments, his fostering of ties between academic and non-academic institutions, and his advancement into administrative duties. His many and varied achievements in the practice and promotion of veterinary clinical pathology make him uniquely deserving of the award. His curriculum vitae is strong evidence of his many far-reaching contributions. The positive effects he has had on many members of our Society, the impact of his tremendous professional achievements, and the high regard in which he is held by his colleagues are unanimously recognized. Early in his career he envisioned where clinical pathology could go as a specialty, and he has worked and continues to work tirelessly to bring his vision to fruition. Al Rebar is unquestionably a hard worker, and he successfully challenges others to follow his example and to thus achieve their potential, whatever it may be. Our Society and our specialty could ask for no better practitioner, promoter, supporter and friend than Alan Rebar.

Dr. Robert L. Hall received his DVM degree from The Ohio State University and his PhD from Colorado State University and is a diplomate from the American College of Veterinary Pathology. He is a senior Clinical Pathologist at Covance Laboratories. Dr. Hall spent most of his professional career with Covance Laboratories and remained, at the same time, adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Pathobiology at the School of Veterinary Medicine (University of Wisconsin-Madison). Dr. Hall has been a true pioneer in the field of toxicologic/laboratory animal clinical pathology and throughout his career and many achievements, made the pharmaceutical industry aware of the unique added value that veterinary clinical pathology can provide to preclinical sciences and drug development. Bob's talent, charisma and endless dedication to toxicologic clinical pathology enabled this specialty to be recognized as a most valuable expertise, by a large scientific community. Dr. Hall's scientific contribution includes more than 60 publications, including articles, abstracts and book chapters, as well as more than 70 presentations about toxicologic/laboratory animal clinical pathology to national and international congresses, and to audiences ranging from clinical pathology residents, to anatomic and clinical pathologists, to toxicologists and other scientists working in preclinical sciences. With titles such as "Lies, Damn Lies and Reference Intervals" or "Home-Brew System for Managing Clinical Laboratory Data," Bob's talent to make complicated concepts appear simple is legendary; his ability to address all kind of audiences, with different backgrounds/ trainings and his reputation as an outstanding speaker make him a true educator. Dr. Hall's dedication to clinical pathology is also well demonstrated by his numerous contributions to several professional associations and committees. Within the ASVCP, Bob was the chair of the Regulatory Affairs Committee and served on the editorial board of Veterinary Clinical Pathology. His participation in the ACVP, in different functions, is quite impressive, including Councilor (2003 – 2007), member and general chair of the Examination and the Certification Development Committee, as well as member of several other committees. He has also been one of the few veterinary clinical pathologists to join the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. Within the Society of Toxicologic Pathology, Bob has been on the Editorial Board of Toxicologic Pathology journal. Having spent all his career to the advancement of toxicologic and laboratory animal clinical pathology, and by such, created a specialty now recognized as one of the most valuable scientific asset in drug development, as a true educator, as a pioneer and a wonderful mentor, it is a true honor for the ASVCP to award Dr. Robert L. Hall the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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