2017 ASVCP Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Dr. Dennis DeNicola
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2017 ASVCP Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Dr. Dennis DeNicola

Dr. Dennis DeNicola 

Having excelled in all dimensions of clinical pathology, Dennis DeNicola boasts a worldwide reputation as an outstanding diagnostician, passionate educator, respected researcher, and valued mentor. During his 20+ year tenure at Purdue, Dennis trained within and then led the cytology and surgical pathology service and directed Purdue’s Clinical Pathology laboratory for 15 of his years there. He directly trained more than a dozen clinical pathology residents and no doubt educated and mentored countless other veterinary students, residents, house officers and faculty in other veterinary specialties. In his time at Purdue, Dennis received numerous well-deserved accolades, including 3 major teaching awards and 4 distinguished service awards, as well as the Purdue Distinguished Alumnus Awards 

In his position as Chief Veterinary Educator and now Medical Affairs Fellow at IDEXX, Dennis has been instrumental in the development of many innovative instruments including the IDEXX ProCyte hematology analyzer, IDEXX Catalyst One chemistry analyzer, and IDEXX SediVue urine sediment analyzer, among others. His research projects at IDEXX have included: inflammation indicator flagging, reticulocyte hemoglobin reporting, conditions associated with reticulocytosis without anemia, C-ˇreactive protein measurement, and other clinically significant innovations.

All those who know Dennis know that he is willing to help with any case, any quandary, any opportunity at any time. Time and time again, he does so with enthusiasm, support, and a warm smile.

We celebrate Dennis’s innumerable achievements in presenting him with this year’s ASVCP Lifetime Achievement Award.

Fred Metzger, DVM, MRCVS, DABVP & Holly Brown, DVM, PhD, DACVP

In my opinion, Dr. DeNicola’s greatest and continuing contribution to our profession has been as an educator and mentor. His body of work in this domain alone is remarkable. He has presented several hundred invited continuing education lectures to practicing veterinarians around the world. He has organized and presented countless webinars on a variety of clinical pathology topics. He has written more than 10 textbook chapters and co-ˇauthored a hematology atlas. He has personally mentored more than a dozen board certified clinical pathologists.

Clearly, Dr. DeNicola has great passion for our discipline and that passion comes through in every interaction that he has. As a result, he is an incredibly effective and tireless teacher in the lecture hall, the laboratory, the small group setting, and one on one across the microscope. He has positively influenced the professional lives and understanding of countless numbers of veterinary students, practitioners, specialists, clinical pathology trainees, and trainees in other disciplines both in the United States and internationally. And, he continues to do so with the same level of enthusiasm and expertise day after day. He is clearly among the world’s most well-known, respected, and loved veterinary clinical pathologists.

Alan H. Rebar, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP


Dennis’s commitment to veterinary education is demonstrated not only by the teaching awards he received, but also by the constant requests for him to speak at national and international meetings and by the many accolades from fellow clinical pathologists, practicing veterinarians, and laboratory professionals both in the U.S. and abroad. I have listened to Dennis lecture numerous times and have lectured with Dennis at several meetings and can testify to his intense desire and excellence in teaching. I am continually impressed that no matter where I go in the global veterinary community there is always one or more people that tell me about how Dennis has been a positive influence on their professional life.

Rick Cowell, DVM, MS, MRCVS, DACVP


I believe Dennis is most highly recognized in our profession for his contributions in exfoliative cytology, but he has also made major contributions in the fields of hematology and clinical chemistry. Many of his publications have been practical and continuing education in nature. This is especially true for book chapters and books that he has authored/coauthored.

As an occasional consultant for IDEXX Laboratories, I have observed Dr. DeNicola’s contribution to the development of new hematology, clinical chemistry, and urinalysis instruments and methodologies. He provides realistic, practical assessments to R&D scientists and works hard to educate marketing people, so that they can provide useful and honest information to the customer. He is a strong advocate for quality in all R&D programs that he is involved in. Dennis is typically one of the most engaged people at ASVCP, ACVP, and ISACP meetings and can be counted on to ask pertinent questions and provide inciteful information. His breadth of knowledge and great self-ˇdeprecating sense of humor make him a remarkable positive ambassador for clinical pathology, as he gives continuing educations talks around the United States and in many foreign countries. Dennis DeNicola is truly one of the leaders in the field of veterinary clinical pathology.

John Harvey, DVM, PhD, DACVP


With over thirty years of interactions with Dennis as a resident, colleague, collaborator and friend, I believe he one of the most gifted and impactful people in the discipline of Veterinary Clinical Pathology. His impact and influence are felt nationally and internationally and they have been consistently developed and maintained over the course of decades. Dennis is nothing if not passionate in his mentoring and educational efforts. This arises, I believe, from 1) his enthusiasm for what he has learned and does – his trade is so important to him that he must let it out, and 2) his love and concern for people. Dennis could make friends with a statue and make it feel important. Dennis has a great sense of humor that he often directs at himself to disarm and put others at ease, and he has an extraordinary capacity for work, pushing himself most when in the service of others.


Dennis still has and is driven by what makes him Dennis. I can still see it,… still feel the fire and passion of that associate professor who, over 30 years ago, would sit selflessly for hours and hours across from a resident that he was not even on the committee of, to passionately share an art that he had mastered and he couldn’t hold inside. I still see his passion, his generosity, his love of people and his sacrificial nature driving him forward, leading as many people as will follow. Veterinary medicine, our own special discipline of clinical pathology and in fact the world is a better place for his influence. His legacy is well stablished.

John Christian, DVM, PhD

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