ASVCP Specialty Sessions at the ACVIM Forum

ASVCP participation in the ACVIM Forum connects ASVCP members with internal medicine colleagues and showcases the remarkable work being done in our specialty. 


  • Clinicopathologic Findings/Molecular Basis for Canine Inherited Bleeding Disorders – Pete Christopherson
  • Congenital Macrothrombocytopenia – Pete Christopherson
  • QA/QC for Point of Care Instruments – Melinda Camus
  • Disease Prevalence - Putting Test Results into Perspective – Brett Stone
  • Rubbery Numbers: How to Maximize Clinical Pathology Interpretation – Randolph Baral
  • Biological Variation – Randolph Baral


  • Iron Biomarkers – Eric Fish
  • MicroRNA – Eric Fish
  • Developing Biomarkers that Actually Work – Unity Jeffrey
  • Personalized Medicine for Small Animal Coagulation Disorders – Unity Jeffrey
  • Update on Renal Biomarkers in Companion Animal Medicine – Jessica Hokamp
  • Whole Slide Imaging: Review of the New Modalities for Quantitifcation of Biomarkers in Histopathology – Sharon Dial
  • Canine Body Cavity Effusions: Classification and Differentials – A. Bohn
  • Feline body Cavity Effusions: Classification and Differentials – A. Bohn
  • Synovial Fluid Review – P. Krimer
  • CSF Review – P Krimer
  • Hematology, Biochemistry and Iron of Aging – L. Radakovich
  • Effects of Paraneoplastic Syndromes on CBC and serum chemistry profiles – A. MacNeill
  • Biochemical abnormalities with cytologic/hematologic correlation in dogs – R. Raskin
  • Biochemical abnormalities with cytologic/hematologic correlation in dogs – R. Raskin
  • How Flow Cytometry is Expanding our Understanding of Leukemia – P. Avery
  • Common Conundrums in Cytologic Analysis – C. Olver
  • Application and Utility of Multiplex Immunocytochemistry for Diagnostic Cytology – K. Santangelo
  • Real Time Cytology Evaluation:Consultations with a Pathologist – C. Olver     
  • Laboratory Diagnosis and Classification of Anemia – C. Grimes
  • Non-Regenerative Anemia: Mechanisms of Decreased or Ineffective Erythropoiesis – C. Grimes
  • Hereditary Erythrocyte Defects Causing Anemia in Dogs – U. Giger
  • Blood Typing and Blood Compatibility Testing in Dogs – U. Giger


  • Discussion of Challenging Cases of Feline Hematology – J. Harvey
  • Diagnosis of Infectious Agents in Blood Films: Challenging Cases – J. Johns 
  • Diagnosis of Infectious Agents in Tissue Cytology: Challenging Cases – J. Johns
  • Advanced Diagnostics for Lymphoproliferative Diseases – Case Discussions – D. Seelig
  • Classification of Lymphoproliferative Diseases – Case Discussions – D. Seelig
  • Validation of Tissue Bank Specimens – A. MacNeill
  • Histiocytic Neoplasms: Markers and Treatment Options – A. MacNeill

  • Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Immunomodulation in Veterinary Medicine – D. Borjesson
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Translation and Clinical Applications in Large and Small Animals – D. Borjesson
  • Nonregenerative Anemia: Recent Advances in Understanding Mechanisms of Disease – M. Fry
  • Help Me Help You: The Pathologist’s Approach to Bone Marrow – B. Flatland
  • Indications for Cytochemical and Other Special Stains in Diagnostic Cytology – H. Priest
  • Immunocytochemistry: A Valuable Technique in Diagnostic Cytology – H. Priest
  • Current Diagnostic Testing for Osteosarcoma – A. Barger
  • Ocular Cytology: It’s More than Conjunctiva – A. Barger
  • Canine Major Acute Phase Proteins: Biochemistry and Physiology – M. Kjelgaard-Hansen
  • Canine Major Acute Phase Proteins: Clinical Applications – M. Kjelgaard-Hansen
  • Liver Cytology: Critical Approach – L. Sharkey Pancreatic Cytology – L. Sharkey
  • Thrombin Generation: Principles – C. Bedard
  • Thrombin Generation: Clinical - Applications in Veterinary Medicine – C. Bedard
  • Thromboelastography: Can it Replace Traditional Hemostasis Testing – D. Wood
  • Clinical Application of TEG in Dogs and Cats – D. Wood

  • Cytology of Neoplastic Diseases and its Correlation with Histopathology – R. Raskin
  • Ancillary Diagnostic Techniques Following - Cytologic Assessment – R. Raskin
  • Cytology in the Diagnosis of Inflammation and Infectious Diseases – J. Meinkoth
  • Case Studies in Infectious Disease Cytology – J. Meinkoth
  • General Quality Assurance: Basic Definitions and Concepts – K. Harr
  • Quality Assurance for Point-of-Care Analyzers in Veterinary Medicine – What Every User Should Know – B. Flatland
  • Interpreting Values Outside Reference Intervals: Is it the Patient or the Machine? – K. Harr
  • Quality Assurance in Action - Examples from the Field – B. Flatland

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