Educator Award
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ASVCP Educator Award

The ASVCP Educator Award celebrates members who make outstanding contributions to the education of others in Veterinary Clinical Pathology.

Contributions to education vary greatly and include standard classroom and clinical teaching that takes place primarily in veterinary schools, continuing education of practitioners and technical staff, and formal and informal mentoring of students by pathologists in the private sector. It also includes committee service to the ASVCP and ACVP including Certifying Examination preparation, creation of teaching materials such as books and computer programs, and publishing articles relevant to any stage of veterinary medical education. Although formal recognition of these contributions is given almost exclusively to pathologists working in academia, the ASVCP Education Committee encourages nominations for ASVCP members with diverse profiles.


The 2020 Call for Nominations is closed (deadline July 1, 2020). Thank you for your nominations and congratulations to all nominees! The Educator Award will be presented during the 2020 annual ACVP/ASVCP meeting.



ASVCP Educator Award Recipients:
  • 2019: Dr. Darren Wood
  • 2018: Dr. Tracy Stokol
  • 2017Dr. Anne Barger
  • 2016Dr. Holly Bender
  • 2015: Dr. Steven Stockham
  • 2014Dr. Kathleen Freeman
  • 2013Dr. Bridget Garner
  • 2012Dr. Karen Young
  • 2011Dr. Jennifer Thomas
  • 2010Dr. Mary Christopher
  • 2009Dr. David Honor

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