Veterinary Laboratory Professionals

Veterinary Laboratory Professionals

The Veterinary Laboratory Professionals (VLP), formerly Veterinary Laboratory Managers, is a group of laboratory professionals, including laboratory managers and directors, medical technologists, and laboratory assistants, who share an active listserv and a common interest in the laboratory testing of animal samples. The VLP has met with the ASVCP since 1996. It was granted "special interest group" status by the ASVCP Executive Board in 2000. As of 2003, the VLP is an official standing committee of the ASVCP. The VLP regularly contributes informative and practical articles for inclusion in the ASVCP Newsletter and coordinates an educational program at the annual ASVCP/ACVP meeting. The close association of the VLP and ASVCP is a mutually beneficial arrangement that we wish to encourage and develop.


Nicole K Rosen, MT (ASCP)

Supervisor - Clinical Pathology Laboratory

Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine

Lafayette, Indiana




Trellor Fraites, MLS (ASCP) CM, MPH

Director, Lab Services

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

St. Kitts

Committee Members: 

Amy Warren  Executive Board Liaison,
Lynne Shanahan – Past Chair, Lynne.Shanahan@ColoState.EDU

Brittany Szczech – Board Member,

Marion Bushey – QALS,

Faye Hartman - List serve,

Helen Kocmarek – QALS,

Roberta Moorhead – Outreach,

Jill Arnold - Board Member,

Connie Peterson – Board Member,

Sandra Sisson – Board Member,


Image 3: Blood smear from canine displaying a Hepatozoon organism (or life stage) in a leukocyte. Photo courtesy of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, Lab Services.

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