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Policy on Editorial Independence (approved August 2012)
The American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology (ASVCP) recognizes and fully accepts the need for editorial independence of the Society's journal, Veterinary Clinical Pathology, and grants the editor-in-chief full authority over the editorial content of the journal, including the type, selection, format, and timing of content for publication. For these purposes, editorial content is understood to include research articles, other types of scientific reports, special reports and consensus statements, editorials, letters to the editor, features, news, and advertising. Opinions and statements expressed in Veterinary Clinical Pathology are those of the contributors and, unless so stated, do not represent the official policy of the ASVCP. ASVCP management does not interfere in the evaluation, selection, or editing of content published in the journal, either directly or by establishing an environment that has an impact on decisions of the editor-in-chief.

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