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ASVCP Regulatory Affairs Committee
2019 Resident Externships in Industry 

The ASVCP Regulatory Affairs Committee is committed to creating opportunities for clinical pathology residents to experience toxicologic and laboratory animal clinical pathology as externs. This year, the ASVCP has allocated funding for travel and lodging for clinical pathology residents interested in short-term toxicologic and comparative clinical pathology externships. Residents who apply for this award must first arrange specific dates and times for individualized externship opportunities with the organization they plan to visit and with their residency program coordinator.

Specific guidelines for externships in ‘industrial’ clinical pathology can be found at https://www.asvcp.org/page/RAC_ExternshipGuidelines.

A compiled list of specific organizations interested in supporting resident externships is posted at https://www.asvcp.org/page/RAC_ExternshipContacts. Please note that this list is not restrictive, but indicates the types of institutions that are appropriate for this ASVCP-sponsored externship.

To Apply

Complete the Regulatory Affairs Committee Externship Application Form including attachment of a combined (single) document consisting of five components: 

  1. Letter of intent from the applicant, including descriptions of previous veterinary experiences and their locations
  2. Curriculum vitae of the applicant
  3. Letter of acceptance from the externship host
  4. Letter of recommendation and support from the resident’s program coordinator
  5. Detailed budget (to include estimated travel and lodging expenses, less any departmental/external funding; click to view an example budget)

Applications must be submitted prior to the externship experience.

Applications will be accepted through May 31, 2019

Scholarships will be awarded to the top ranking applicants after determining that other funding sources (resident or company funds) are not available for the resident to use for this purpose. Applicants will be notified of the decision in June.

Awardees will be expected to complete an online survey ranking their experience and write a short summary of their experience within two weeks of completing the externship.

Please contact Adam Aulbach, Chair of the Regulatory Affairs Committee, with questions. 

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