ASVCP Resident Liaison Group

ASVCP Resident Liaison Group

The Resident Liaison Group is comprised of clinical pathology residents at various institutions. The objective of the ASVCP Resident Liaison Group is to increase communication within the ASVCP and allow the residents to have a voice shaping the future of the society. Members of the group are responsible for bringing to the Executive Board ideas, issues, and concerns raised by residents and trainees. In turn, the Executive Board also requests the liaison’s assistance in various ASVCP projects and plans. The overall goal is to enhance resident communication to the ASVCP, facilitate communication between the various ASVCP committees and current/future resident and trainee members, promote communication between residents, and support resident education.

If you are a resident interested in getting involved, please contact Maria Naskou, Incoming and early stage residents are especially welcome! 


2019-2020 Resident Liaison Group

Group Spokesperson(s): 
Maria Naskou, Auburn University,

Executive board liaison: Darren Wood,

Group Members

American Society For Veterinary Clinical Pathology
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Madison, WI 53704

Telephone: +1-608-443-2479
Fax: +1-608-443-2474

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