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ASVCP Share the Future Research Grants

Share the Future research grants are made possible through the support of ASVCP members and corporate sponsors. These grants are intended to help support research by clinical pathology residents and graduate students. Grant recipients are chosen based on the quality of the research proposal and the potential for contributing to the knowledge base of veterinary clinical pathology, among other criteria.



Past Share the Future Research Grant recipients:
  • 2018: $2,500 research grant awarded to Samantha Evans from Colorado State University for research proposal entitled "Efficacy of fountain flow cytometry for rapid detection of sepsis in fluids"
  • 2017: $2,500 research grant awarded to Megan Caudill from the University of Georgia (advisor: Dr. Bridget Garner) for proposal titled, "Comparison of Serum vs. EDTA-Plasma in Canine Crossmatch Reactions"
  • 2016: $2,500 research grant awarded to Angela Gwynn from the University of Minnesota (advisor: Dr. Leslie Sharkey) for proposal titled, "Clinical Utility of Coagulation Testing in Cats"
  • 2015: $1,500 research grant awarded to Daniela Hernandez Muguiro from Cornell University (advisor: Erica Behling-Kelly) for proposal titled "Flow cytometric measure of phosphorylated histones as a novel, more sensitive, means to determine mitotic in canine tumor cells"
  • 2014: $2,500 research grant awarded to Midori Asakawa from Cornell University (advisor: Erica Behling-Kelly) for proposal titled "Lipoprotein modulation of fibrinolysis in the dog"
  • 2013: $2,500 research grant awarded to Amy Weeden from the University of Florida (advisor: Heather Wamsley) for proposal entitled "Prevalence of Bartonella in Canine Effusions"
  • 2012: $2,500 research grant awarded to Nancy Collicutt from the University of Georgia (advisor: Bridget C. Garner) for proposal entitled "The effect of delayed serum separation and storage temperature on the rate of in vitro glucose metabolism in samples from healthy dogs, horses, alpacas, and sturgeon"
  • 2011: $2,500 research grant awarded to Kelly Santangelo of The Ohio State University (advisor - Dr. Judy Radin) for research proposal entitled "Validation of formulae to correct for serum sodium values measured by indirect potentiometry"
  • 2010: $2,500 research grant awarded to Nora Springer from Cornell University for research proposal entitled “Procoagulant activity in horses: Measurement of platelet-derived microparticles and endogenous thrombin potential”
  • 2009: $2,500 research grant awarded to Amir Kol from the University of California, Davis, for research proposal entitled "Investigation of hypercoaguability and thrombosis in dogs with multicentric lymphoma"
  • 2008: First Share the Future Research Award Winner: Erica Behling-Kelly, for "Macrophages derived from sites of granulomatous inflammation and histiocytic tumors in dogs: identification of cellular junctions. 

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