Student Seminar Stipend
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Student Seminar Stipend

AVMA accredited veterinary colleges that have an ACVP, ECVP, or JCVP board-certified clinical pathologist are eligible to receive a student seminar stipend ($150) once every four years. 






Auburn University

Tufts University

University of Pennsylvania

Tuskegee University

University of California-Davis

Michigan State University

University of Tennessee

University of Minnesota

Colorado State University

University of Minnesota

Texas A&M University

Midwestern University

University of Florida

Mississippi State University

Virginia Tech University

Western University of Health Sciences

University of Georgia

Oregon State University

Washington State University

Lincoln Memorial University

University of Illinois

Cornell University

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Murdoch University

Purdue University

North Carolina State University

University of Calgary

Massey University College of Sciences

Iowa State University

The Ohio State University

University of Guelph

St. George’s University

Kansas State University

Oklahoma State University

University of Prince Edward Island

Ross University

Louisiana State University

University of Missouri-Columbia

Université de Montréal

University of Saskatchewan

The Royal Veterinary College

University of Melbourne

VetAgro l’École Nationale des Services Vétérinaires à Lyon

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México

State University of Utrecht

University College, Dublin

University of Glasgow

The University of Edinburgh

University of Queensland

The University of Sydney




This stipend can be used towards food, door prizes, and other supplies deemed suitable by each schools' student pathology club. 

There is no formal application in advance, but the stipend request form (below) is to be completed within two weeks after the session. Please make sure to document the event with photographs!

The seminar should begin by showing the following two brief Powerpoint presentations: "What is a clinical pathologist?" and "What is the ASVCP?"

Once the completed stipend request form is submitted and approved, a $150 stipend will then be issued.


ASVCP Student Seminar Stipend Request Form

Purpose: To increase veterinary student awareness and knowledge of veterinary clinical pathology by offering interesting seminars given by an ACVP board-certified clinical pathologist. 

The seminar should begin by showing the following two brief Powerpoint presentations: "What is a clinical pathologist?" and "What is the ASVCP?"

Amount: $150 towards food, prizes, etc., to enhance attendance.

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