VCP Content Alert Instructions
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Instructions to Receive Content Alerts for Veterinary Clinical Pathology


To set-up your content alert to Veterinary Clinical Pathology:

  1. Navigate to Veterinary Clinical Pathology in the Wiley Online Library: (

  2. Click on “Get Content Alerts” in the right-hand side bar

  3. Login to your Wiley Online Library account, or select “New User” to create a new account. (Creating a new account is free, and should take only a few minutes.)

  4. After you login or set up an account for the first time, your alert will be activated!

  5. On the “My account” screen, you can manage how frequently you would like to receive content alerts from Veterinary Clinical Pathology. You may also manage your content alert subscription to any other journal published by Wiley


Get started now at the journal website: 
Veterinary Clinical Pathology

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